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"Yung Rapunxel" is a character created by Azealia Banks for her third mixtape, YUNG RAPUNXEL PT. II.


Yung Rapunxel began as an alter-ego of Azealia Banks, however, later (2019) Banks created a metaphorical fictional world to express her feelings where her alter-ego was the main character of the narrative plot.

Traits []

Yung Rapunxel is characterized by being a beautiful woman with long black hair curled at the ends, her lips are usually painted a dark purple and her eyes are usually of two different colors (Red and yellow or black and white). Her fashion is characterized by being daring, avant-garde and futuristic.


Yung Rapunxel's past is unknown, however, much of her present is related to the mixtape that bears her name.

Rapunxel is located in SHENZEN, China in the year 3030 (according to the timeline in the universe of Azealia Banks). A year in which China is the nation that dominates the entire world due to its great advances with biotechnology, is the scene of a world where humans accepted the various devices (mechanical lungs, artificial wombs, neural implants) as normal and necessary parts of their life.[1]