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"Yung Rapunxel (Shampoo Bar)" it's a product of the CHEAPYXO store by Azealia Banks.


It is a product inspired by the alter ego of Azealia, its price is between 14-25 dollars.[1]


Pathenol, Vitamin B5, Keratin, Biotin, Sodium Hydroxide, Argan Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Peppermint extract, Cinnamon extract, Rosemary extract

General rule[]

Traction Alopecia and Hair Loss due to over processing, use of harmful chemicals, heat damage and hormonal changes can be a major source insecurity for some. Our high lather & long lasting shampoo bar is 200g of Pure Black Girl Magic!

Originally formulated for 4c hair types, Yung Rapunxel’s Shampoo Bar™ can be used on any hair type to nurture damaged hair follicles, naturally increase hair growth, and soften texture, leaving behind a full head of easily manageable hair. This product is perfect for women & men who use chemical relaxers or bleach in their hair as star ingredient KERATIN, replaces much of the natural protein in your hair lost during chemical processing.

Within TWO MONTHS of regular use of Yung Rapunxel’s Shampoo Bar™ your edges will flourish along with a noticeably healthy and natural sheen sure to make your crown BLING!

A Unisex Product named after Azealia Banks’ namesake anthem ,”Yung Rapunxel,” this bar has a light candy grape scent and is full of 100% natural and organic ingredients to help maintain a full, flourishing head of beautiful hair. This bar can also be used to fill in pesky bald spots on the faces of beard enthusiasts by stimulating growth in the chin area via follicular repair usually stunted by a lack of hydration and moisture.