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"Yung Rapunxel's Motorcycle" is an object created by Azealia Banks for her third mixtape, YUNG RAPUNXEL PT. II.


Azealia shared a photo of the object for the first time on September 12, 2019.[1] Later on September 26, she discussed the design.[2]


Azealia on her Instagram:

“transparent motorcycle concept + design by @azealiabanks (let’s count this one as v.1, this is closest to what I imagined in my mind. Giving it until Halloween to keep doing these transparent motorcycles until I find the one I want for the cover. - crazy that none of these exist right lol) @ducati #PanigaleV4S”.

The exact color of the motorcycle is unknown, despite the fact that Azealia shared several designs with various colors, finally one of transparent and cream color remained as the cover of the mixtape.

Mode of use[]

The type of material is unknown, however, it has the same qualities as a common motorcycle only to a greater extent (one of those qualities is higher speed). Yung Rapunxel rode his motorcycle throughout his odyssey in Shenzen, CN.