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Azealia Banks
Writer(s) Azealia Banks
Producer(s) O/W/W/W/L/S
Released October 29, 2021
Recorded August-September, 2021
Length 02:16
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"Wings Of A Butterfly"

"Wings Of A Butterfly" is song performed by Azealia Banks. It was released on October 29, 2021 with Tarantula as the double single of the album.


On September 5, 2021, Azealia shared a snippet of the track that began as a collaboration between Azealia Banks and Arca but finally Arca was discarded from the project, leaving still the possibility of releasing that version known as "All The Boys" as a remix.[1] A day later, Arca shared another snippet of the track on her Instagram stories.[2]

Finally, on September 16, Azealia shares the "Tarantula" and "Wings Of A Butterfly" covers and Arca's name does not appear on them. That same day, Azealia explains the concept of both tracks in her Instaram stories.

On October 11, 2021, Azealia reveals that the publication date of the double single would be 29 of the same month. The next day, October 12, Azealia shares a fragment of the remix with Arca on her Instagram stories.[3]

On October 17, Azealia shared another Wings Of A Butterfly snippet, another snippet was shared on October 29. It was in early November that Azealia reveals that she does not plan to release the remix with Arca for various reasons related to the fact that Arca released "Born Yesterday" with Sia (with whom Azealia had a conflict 10 years ago). Azealia referred to Arca and her fans in a transphobic way due to many of them speaking badly abouuoner o the Discord server that Arca is on but does not supervise.

Music and composition[]

Azealia Banks on Instagram:

"Wings of a Butterfly is specifically a trans girl anthem. I wrote this song about my own personal metamorphosis. From darkness to light and from ignorance to enlightenment: a journey to self-love. The writing process was deeply emotional and made me that coming into your own as a woman is akin to a caterpillar’s journey to becoming a butterfly: the uncertainty and loneliness of the cocoon stage, then the marvel of your own wings in flight."[4]

Critical reception[]

PAPERMAG opined:

"Wings of a Butterfly, on the other hand, is also a techno track, but with a smoother, pop-oriented vocal. "All the boys go crazy for me," she sings, before ripping into a punkish yowl. It's a stunning display of AB's versatility."[5]


Hello, hello

[Verse 1]
Everyone knows my name from New York City to California
I'm a fucking all star, baby
Can’t you tell by the way I'm walking?
And the way I'm talking
And the way I’m talking
All the boys go crazy, yeah
All the boys go crazy for me
All the boys go crazy, yeah
All the boys go crazy for me

‪Don’t lie, you still got my fucking back
While you're with your new girlfriend
Gonna break her little heart again
Little boy, you better make some friend‬s
Huh, huh

[Verse 2]
Soaring past the sunrise
Coloring the sky and wind left behind me
Gliding through the blooming meadow
Beauty all around, all around me
Marigold and honeysuckle
Daisy dukes of daffodil yellow
I could see the surfers surfing
As we fly above, the ocean
Re-emerging from the darkness
Beauty all around, all around me
There's beauty all around, all around me
Boy, jump on
I'll take you for a ride up on my butterfly wings
We can go up in the sky, there's clouds of ice cream
Pick your favorite flavor boy, just stay beside me
Hold on tight, I'll take you higher


Official versions[]

  • "Wings Of A Butterfly" (Single version) – 02:16
  • "All The Boys" (Ft. Arca) – ??:??