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"WORLDKEY" is an object created by Azealia Banks for her third mixtape, YUNG RAPUNXEL PT. II.


Azealia shared a photo of the object for the first time on November 2, 2019. She also answered a few questions that fans asked in the post.[1]

Description []

Azealia clarifying that it was the key to the world of Yung Rapunxel. it’s her hardware wallet/biometric identification/passport/money/data storage/dna keeper thing. Everyone has one in 3030. This is what keeps everyone alive for eternity. Your entire existence is stored on this key. Clones of you can be created from your worldkey. When you die the info gets stored on the IPFS. (Interplanetary File System) (Decentralized file storage). The worldkey can only be unlocked with its own biometric data. The more active in life, the more secure your account will be, that is, it is almost impossible for the key to be hacked for purposes such as identity theft.

Mode of use[]

It is a thin and small metal card that has a chip reader, so it can only be activated by and for its owner. The type of metal used is unknown.