Azealia Banks Wiki


I am Nicky (you see it on my username).I am a big Kunt (Azealia Banks fan)!

Since when i love Azealia[]

I was looking at Nicki Minaj's Kill Da DJ lyrics video on YouTube and i saw comments about Azealia sampling Nicki's lyrics in "Liquorice". After that i looked at "Liquorice" and i immediately fell in love with the song!That was on December 23, 2012.Later i heard "1991" and started to love Azealia more and more!

My favorite "1991" songs[]

Azealia Banks - 1991.jpg
  1. "Liquorice"
  2. "1991"
  3. "212" (featuring Lazy Jay)
  4. "Van Vogue"

My favorite "Fantasea" songs[]

Fantasea png.png
  1. "Us"
  2. "L8R"
  3. "Runnin'" (featuring Lunice)
  4. "Fuck Up the Fun"
  5. "Jumanji"
  6. "Atlantis"
  7. "Neptune" (featuring Shystie)
  8. "Esta Noche"
  9. "Fantasea"
  10. "Aquababe"
  11. "Luxury"
  12. "Nathan"

My favorite "Broke with Expensive Taste" songs[]

  1. "BBD"
  2. "Yung Rapunxel"
  3. "212"