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Kim Petras ft. Azealia Banks & Doja Cat
Writer(s) Azealia Banks
Kim Petras
Jesse Saint John
Doja Cat
Producer(s) Dr. Luke

"Sex Up For Fun" (also know as "Moisturous Pussy") is a song performed by Kim Petras. It features Azealia Banks and Doja Cat. The song title was unveiled on September 30, 2019 thanks to Azealia's Instagram stories.


Azealia Banks started tweeting about her collab in now deleted tweets in March 2019 where she revealed Doja Cat was featured alongside her.

Azealia wrote her verse on April 22, 2019 during an Instagram live, without giving the name of the song yet, but it was not until the next day (23) that she recorded the first sessions for the track. Until then it was unknown that the verses belonged to the collaboration with Kim Petras.[1][2]

It's unknown if/when it will be released. It can be inferred that Dr. Luke produced it. Azealia Banks temporarily decided to cancel the collaboration's release. However, she revealed that her statement was part of a manic episode and that Kim Petras didn't care that Azealia had planned on cancelling it. According to Azealia, Kim's label isn't letting her release Sex Up For Fun.

On November 19, 2019, Azealia took charge on the publication of the track through her Instagram account, explaining her relationship with the producer (Dr. Luke) and the co-writer of the song (Jesse Saint John).

Due to the accusations of sexual abuse that surrounded these last two people mentioned, he also explained how he met Dr. Luke and how he told him a "convincing" argument with what happened with Kesha. After everything that happened with these people, Azealia decides to filter her acapella from her song verse and thus break ties with the producer and co-writer of the track. He doesn't mention Kim Petras in the entire Instagram statement.

On November 19, Azealia publishes a 1-minute snippet (It only contained her track verse). A day later Banks filters a 10-minute study session into her SoundCloud account with some modifications in the lyric.[3]


[Azealia Banks verse]
now imma sex him just for fun up in my playhouse
i fuck him so good, he guard this pussy like a stakeout
stare up in my eyes and make him freeze like I'm medusa
when he slide up inside it, i get him stoned - now that's exclusive
imma ride it just for fun , if you want it then its done
take me out in ya benz and cop me louis if you want
fashion the ave, sipping brew breeze on a blunt
down to ride baby you can call on me if you want
i aint never been a groupie, but i'm tryna see the real though
he love me so good and leave me open like a field goal
everything fun, role play it's like a movie
when i'm gripping that pistol i wanna see just how you move me
got the moisturous pussy, i get it wet like a jacuzzi
i just tell him that's the way life goes uzi.
now he slurping my coochie that freaky fruity
i'mma toot it, imma steam up his kufi
i leak it everytime ya do me.