Nicki Minaj is a female rapper and current rival of Azealia Banks. They both graduated from LaGuardia High. They were both featured on 2 albums. Beyonce's self titled album in 2015, and 6ix9ine's Dummy Boy

Feuding Edit

2012 Edit

Nicki Minaj had asked Azealia Banks to tour with her but Azealia declined to work on her album. A few hours later Nicki tweeted #ManTheseB*tchesDelirious. Azealia assumed the tweet was directed at her and replied. "I think the word you were looking for was (delusional). Use proper grammar when insulting others. I don't believe in the rap hierarchy. Just wait until my album comes out."

2015 Edit

Azealia responded to the Nicki/Miley/Taylor drama following the VMAs claiming they make basic music and ripping off each other's styles.

2017 Edit

Azealia apologized to Nicki on Instagram and was forgiven. Nicki stated in an interview that she doesn't hold a grudge against Azealia since she publicly admitted her wrongs.

2018 Edit

Azealia wanted Nicki Minaj on Anna Wintour. Nervous she would say no, she never sent the song to Nicki. When Nicki teased her music video for Bed, Azealia commented that Nicki shouldn't be stealing her style. Thus reigniting her feud. She revealed to her fans that she faked her apology to Nicki. Azealia also commented on how Nicki collaborating with 6ix9ine was a bad idea. Specifically stating,

"Too much for me. I’m deleting my barb card membership. She is officially over. Pedophilia is absolutely gross and evil. Anyone who supports that sh*t is a lunatic. I'm sorry. Dude gets convicted and you’re still trying to help him out of it? That is very dark."