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Matt Cutler, better known as Lone, is a British electronic musician from Nottingham, England.

Lone has been quoted as saying that the greatest influences on his music are artists such as Boards of Canada and Madlib. He also says that fellow British musician Keaver and Brause (stylized Keaver & Brause) and Bibio have had an effect on the way he makes his music.

Cutler also plays in the side-project Kona Triangle when not working on Lone. Kona Triangle is a collaboration between Keaver & Brause and Lone. Kona Triangle released a record titled Sing a New Sapling into Existence. Its album art was done by HAPPY DAZE.

American rapper Azealia Banks samples "Pineapple Crush" on her debut EP, 1991, for her second single "Liquorice." Banks also used his song "Koran Angel" as an interlude on her mixtape Fantasea and "Aquamarine" for her track "Count Contessa" from her second upcoming mixtape. Cutler produced the songs "Miss Amor" and "Miss Camaraderie" for her debut studio album Broke with Expensive Taste, "Airglow Fires" is sampled on her Christmas EP Icy Colors Change, and "Re-Schooling" is sampled for her song "Playhouse".

Productions for Azealia Banks []

From 1991:

  • Liquorice
  • Azealia Banks & Matt Cutler “Lone