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Azealia Banks
Writer(s) Azealia Banks

"La Corona de Mi Madre" is an unreleased song performed by Azealia Banks. It is currently not registered on any music publishing site and has no known producers.


Azealia released the song title and a snippet through an Instagram post on March 9, 2020.[1]

Music and composition[]

Azealia talking about the track:

"Y’all just asked me to put into song my feelings surrounding the Corona Virus so I thought it appropriate to write a poem to Yemaya in admiration of her Shining Silver Crown. Song is called “My Mother’s Crown” . To ask for help and guidance. I will translate this into a song and sing it in Spanish. Just gimme a few days."[2]

"this isn’t about the virus. I’m not a dumb white bitch like Charli xcx to suggest a deathly disease is something to be joked about. She better stop snorting all that coke and cigs to protect her respiratory system and stop trying to be a jester for the gay stan twitter court. If she doesn’t stop touching douches and dildos she is sure to catch corona virus. Charli really gets dumber and dumber everyday. This song is about my mothers crown and asking my Saint for help."


I wear my mother’s crown with pride.
The shining silver beacon.
The black mermaid who shines her light in the dark as the moon casts its glow on the midnight ocean.
My mother’s skin is black and her crown is made of silver.
I am black like her.
I’m beautifully made in her image.
Beautiful Black Mermaid.
Mother, please help the people.
Mother, I call to you for help.
Enlighten my mind,
strengthen my body, &
Protect my soul.
May I always walk that bright corridor of moonlight on your night waters.
Free of fear, I walk in your light and across your waters when midnight comes.
Oh, Yemaya, mother of all the fishes.
Beautiful mother of mine -
Place your silver crown on my head.
Enlighten my mind,
strengthen my body,
Protect my soul.
Turn towards the moon so your crown may be filled with light and shine your moonbeam on the people.
Help us in our time of need.
Illuminate the way.
Illuminate my crown so my visions are with clarity.
Enlighten my mind,
strengthen my body,
Protect my soul.