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Azealia Banks
Writer(s) Azealia Banks
Producer(s) O/W/W/W/L/S
Recorded 2016-2019
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"Icy Pisces" is a song performed by Azealia Banks. It serves as the second track on Azealia's "not yet released" album, "Fantasea II: The Second Wave".


A fragment of the track was published through Azealia's Instagram stories on June 28, 2018, months after Azealia shared the album's tracklist, she also said she was looking for an artist to collaborate on the track.[1] A fan suggested an R&B singer, "Jheine Aiko", to feature and Azealia replied with "🤔".

Months later, on August 14, 2019, Azealia posts a video on her Instagram singing the song, then she removed the video.[2] It is believed that the track was recorded during the "Escapades" and "Chaos and Glory" sessions during 2016.

Azealia performed the song on September 4, 2021 at Webster Hall in New York during her last date of her Live From NYC mini tour.[3]

Music and composition[]

Azealia describe this song as the epitome of “If mermaids made pop music this is what it would sound like”. She also explained the song’s meaning on a tweet, stating that Icy Pisces is a song about a lover who was like the ice cream man to her. It is believed to be a sister track to the second track on Fantasea, "Neptune" which features Shystie.


[Lyrics from snippet]
Cute face, slim waist, flat tummy
Dis body a mek boi a spend money
When you see me pose it is like I be hyper horny
Rikki tikki tikki tikki tikki tikki tikki tikki tikki tikki tikki tikki
Busty, in a white tee
I got some cantaloupe titties a pretty ass and some tight jeans
I'm psychedelic, a psychic n***a!
[?] so cam when the lights hit her
Hypin' him, Enticin' him
He like me cause I'm icy
Rainbow Coco
He Lickin' on my cherry like a ICEE
That's the way I like it
Boy, them hands get me excited when you touch my body
I'm kitin', Feel like I'm flyin'
You like the way I ride it, I ride it the way you like it
So wet, so wet inside it, come slide on it like Poseidon

Chorus (Snippet):
Inside a seashell, just maybe you’ll find a pearl
That’s there to say sir, I’m that special kind of girl
Deep in the sea, way deep beyond the world
Just you and Me, dive in and ride the curl