"Hood Bitch" is a song by Azealia Banks. The track was released in 2009.


[Verse 1 - Azealia Banks]I smoke and get high like Project PatLeave a nigga in the trap like a project ratYou wanna fuck with my money bust a hole through ya hatAnd leave you rotting in the sewer, you the water on tapCause me and my bitches don't play no moreBum rush a nigga while he picks the juice at the storeGet him for his Christian Diors and Mauri gatorsNiggas called the cops so we said "Come in, chase us"Jesting every fucking skater for his skateboardWearing BBC denim, nigga, I'mma take yoursI'mma shake floors in my dry denim jeansBlack tee, black hair, and my lip gloss cleanI move like scene when I dip across the abstractGot makeup leave the ticket on the dashI'm looking for the cash cause I'm tryna' cop the double-trunksBoys act stupid so you know I've got to double-bump [Hook - Lime]You're a woman like no otherYou lift me when I'm down and blueYou make me care for you every dayThere's no other in my life but youYeah, yeah [Verse 2 - Azealia]You like the way Sevens stay up on my hipBut the nigga don't never got something in they clipGrip-grip got the chrome zip aimed at your lipNever seen a young bitch pop like thisYup, and the niggas really like thisNameplate in the middle of my nice titsDiesel and I'm higher than your flight isOn Verde day y'all playin' where the kites isStay steamin' where the sites isY'all bitches still gleaming at the pricesSee through females like a psychicShe's mad cause her man wanna pipe thisShe could fuck around and get chopped into slicesBody parts in the gutter where the crap dice isAnd that one'll be a cold caseThey found her head, it was missing her whole faceSee I'm a scratched CD, I really don't playAnd I reach for the tech and sprayI spray just like Air Wick and GladeBut you won't smell white lilies and sageWow this little girl sounds insaneI've been listening to Wayne and piffing up the brainLong black weave and a few gold chainsSemi-automatic and some real good brain [Hook - Lime] [Bridge - Azealia]I spit heavy on the beat like I'm tryna' get the taste outThem other niggas on it like they got the cake mouthSeventeen, been hot since I came outGot every whack rapper shaking like a change pouchI make out then I send a nigga's face offThen to the left, boy you gotta break outDon't let the door hit you where the good lord split youAnd the fifth will leave pool on the floor with youBitches better get like meFuck love I keep a couple tricks up my sleeveSo when one leaves another nigga's in the elevatorSo take the stairs, not the elevator [Hook - Lime]