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Recorded 2017-2020
Producers O/W/W/W/L/S
Label Chaos & Glory Recordings
EP Discography
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"Escapades" is the upcoming third EP by Azealia Banks. It is currently not registered on any music publishing site.


During the Periscope livestream on 9/24/2017, Azealia asked about the next single for Fantasea II: The Second Wave and added that she was planning to release an EP titled: "Escapades (EP)" because she really loved that track.[1]

Since then Azealia never spoke of the EP again.

Track listing[]

It is unknown if it will be an EP with remixes and previously released versions of "Escapades" or if some discarded tracks from Fantasea II: The Second Wave will be included.

Speculated songs[]

  • "Escapades" (48k Monitor Mix) – 3:53
  • "Escapades" (Stereo Mix) – 4:04
  • "Escapades" (Radio Edit) – 4:04
  • "Escapades" – 4:04