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Azealia Banks
Writer(s) Azealia Banks
Producer(s) Azealia Banks
Boiling Energy
No Dolls
Released September 12, 2019
Recorded 2019
YUNG RAPUNXEL PT. II track listing
"SAINT KEITH" "الجهادي (JIHADI)"

"CENTELLA (MY HONEYMOON)" is a song performed by Azealia Banks. It serves as the seventh track on Azealia's mixtape, YUNG RAPUNXEL PT. II.


Centella (My Honeymoon) is a song that was supposed to feature recording artist Abra, but, was then a solo song by Azealia Banks for unknown reason´s.


[Verse 1]
I came prepared bitch
Tell yo dogz don't panic
Get up, sit up, we up 'til we lit up
Seven figures, eight, nine ziggas
That's four hittas, nig' its time, n*gga
When you love body and n*ggas is in a hate crime
It's money on my mind
And after that Ima make mine
Fuck what you heard or call it
Crunch or break
Runnin' bags to the bags
As long as honey don't waste mines
Grown ass men be the saddest groupies
Sad ass bitches with the saddest pussy
Uh, open casket cuz she sits
Oh her tits sits on a casket, pussy like this sexy body
So $-$ cash and a molly
They wanna see me give revenge
To some industry friends that done lied to my face
Bengazi, put a n*gga in his place like a ride home
And I know where he at on my iPhone
Got a ounce and a tree, is my zone
Queen ABV on my throne
I could de-throne about three kings
Off heat I keep in my thumb
Can't fuck with me, I was made the queen
Mad black and free
I'm such a trap

[Verse 2]
Cool n*gga sit, trynna get a hot bitch
Wanna find a ride or die
I could ride dick
Oh you the hot kid?
You got your cock licked
Now you walk around town like you the hot shit
Bitch pressed, ma n*gga check on so's
Saw yo man check me out
Control yo ho
Ho ass n*gga just play yo role
Lay yo ass n*gga, can't take control
Alpha female, use my control
How you gettin' to the top with no climbin' tho
How you screamin' from the world, can't find a ho

The following sound may damage your speakers

Get back, way back, can you please back the fuck off
Read sign, 'fore cross the line says n*ggas gotta trance off
Beware, she wears, send 'em a beach, yea, each, yea
I'm a star league yea, hell yeah, in my own league, be scared

Uh, Warning!

[Verse 3]
You know I've seen it before
These n*ggas gay on low
They gay on the low, gay, gay, gay
Gay on the low
Tell a n*gga don't get too close
This pussy is too visceral
Ay papi, don't get too close
Tell a n*gga don't get too close
Pussy is too visceral
Evidently this sweetest choach
Boom, boom, boom to the boom-boom room
Make a move to the boom boom room
Do you, in my dungeon, doom
Let me show you what my dungeon do
Ah, Hide the country cooch
It's too visceral for boo
Ha, Out the country too
Two pretty tits and I'm cunty too
Ah, hot grits and butter too
Massa what is us to do
Sittin' in butter too, uh
Two cuts in your eyebrows, ooh
Hah, you fucking fool
Pleased to meet you a bump head too
Ha, ha, hot grits and butter too
Massa what is us to do
Her credit cards is due
I ain't rockin' nothing new, uh
I don't know what to do
What the fuck is us to do, uh
I might go prostitute, might just sell some (pussy)
Uh, uh, I ain't no prostitute
I'm just ain't no prostitute
I'm just workin', workin', too, uh
I'm just ain't no prostitute
I just get that Birkin'
Corner freak on the ones and the ones to the twos
Big cis on the ones and the ones to the twos, uh
I don't prostitute
I'm just out here workin'
I just I don't fuck with you
Uh, ah, I don't want you, uh
Keep this, a fucking fool
Uh, huh, c-cuts and coo
Listen, you fuckin' coon, ha, huh
Put a sunk-in