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Broke With Expensive Taste (book)
Author Azealia Banks
Language English
Genre Fable

"Broke With Expensive Taste" is the title for the book by Azealia Banks. It is the first official book written by Banks.


Azealia Banks was writing a book during 2014-2016. Little is known about it and what is known so far is due to small fragments written on her Tumblr account.

"Broke With Expensive Taste" actually serves as the soundtrack to a fable she has written. A chapter entitled "Idle Delilah," after one of the album’s tracks, tells the story of a slave master’s inquisitive daughter, the fable is set in the antebellum South. Complete with 16 chapters, an introduction and a prelude, Banks clarified via Twitter that the story is not entirely about slavery.[1]

Azealia Banks uploaded to her Tumblr account on December 20, 2014 a subsequent post titled: "Idle Delilah (Snippet)".[2] Banks uploaded a post on her Tumblr account on April 21, 2016 that was titled: "So how did we end up here between the future and the past? (This is the prelude to my book, unedited)".[3] Later, on May 7, 2017, he published the second version of what the chapter would be titled "Idle Deliah v2".[4]

Writing and composition[]

Banks tweeted, sharing a snippet of the story, in which the daughter of a slave owner, Delilah, befriends a young black girl -- and what happens when her father, Luther Luciferian Lynch, finds out:

"The whole Broke With Expensive Taste album is the soundtrack to a fable I wrote, that's why all the lyrics on the album sound like Literary Non-Sense,"

Despite the subject matter of the excerpt, Banks tweeted that the

"fable is not about slavery! The whole fable has 16 chapters, an intro and a prelude! Just wait and seeeeeeeee... Idle delilah's story is not necessarily about slavery! It's more about an idle little girl who can't control her boredom. JUST WAIT. I've driven myself past several points of insanity over the past four years and this book is an account of it all,"[5]

Azealia Banks during her interview with Sirius XM OutQ Radio:

"2015. So I've been working on that fable, so the like the album has all these like weird things and obviously it's all over the place but they all correlate in this fable so and the fable is kind of strange because I made this whole like creation theory up like obviously it's like Azealia smoking internal weed and just like sitting out here all night but I came up with some stuff that I think it's pretty clever. I like as it's too much to describe now but it's basically like I created this new society where like humans are this underclass and the like actual class of people or they're, you know, like group of

Do you know what if therianthrope is?

If they're you throw peas a person that's like half animal has half human. So it's like this weird kind of fable where the whole like ruling class of people are these half and we'll have human people and the whole thing in their society is to control your animal urges and be more human so you've got all these like people walking around there's like half have hair half man half deer half man and half dog half man and they're all trying like not bark and not to like walk around all over the place and it gets kind of like Mother Goose. I like it's got all these weird riddles and it's real like some drugs."[6]


To date, the book is only known to have an introduction, a prelude, and 16 chapters. It is unknown if the 15 missing chapters match the album's track names.

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