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Azealia Banks
Writer(s) Azealia Banks
Producer(s) Boys Noize
Released November 7, 2019
Recorded 2013-2019
Length 01:54

Billionaire Bully is a song performed by Azealia Banks. It was intended to be the opener track of the album Business & Pleasure, but after Banks published a new tracklist, it was acknowledged the track was cut off the album and remained as a free promotional single.


In mid-2019, Azealia released the album tracklist, "Billionaire Bully" was the first track of the record and she stated that it was the album opener.

The release of the song was halted because Boyz Noise, the producer, sold the instrumental to another artist without asking Azealia about it.

The song had a surprise premiere on November 7, 2019, and was made available only on SoundCloud. By early 2020, the song was removed from the platform, but some YouTube reuploads are still available.


Big bitch, on the go but making big moves
Range Rover, hangover
I switch grooves, big shot
On top, bitch I'm in tune
Vast waters, headquarters, the switch room
Moneymaker, mitch flow, this boss shit
You think you're hot?, But you're not

Yeah, I'm off this, on clock
Tick tock, this boss shit
Bitches ain't like me
Guess I'm livin' it up

It's like they reward for taking trips across the water
Mexico borders, I'm meeting Djinn's up in the sauna
Bitches is dead, but they about to be some goners
I told you before, I put a hex up on your momma

Recruiter flow, bitches calling me the savior like I'm Neo
Big bitch, signing checks
Add a couple zeros, I'm on my Steelo
If I'm the savior then that must mean that I'm the rap's fucking shero (Shero)
Hold a couple kilos, flip it like it's Repo
Take it like I'm, oh, take it like I'm Debo
He know, she know, we know

Bitches is buggin' and not up in- up in that crack with that heat flow
Bitches want the cheat code
But this ain't no regular pussy, these n*ggas callin' me a Billionaire Bully

On the clock, tick tock
You lost bitch, bitches ain't like me
Guess I'm livin' it up

Big bitch, on the global making big moves
Range Rover, hangover
I switch grooves, big shot
On top, bitch I'm in tune
Vast waters, headquarters...

Critical reception[]

Hot New Hip Hop opined: "....her new song "Billionaire Bully" is the best thing we've heard from her in a while.

Banks has been hit or miss as of late but this freestyle-sounding track is one of the better additions to her recent catalog. "Billionaire Bully" features nothing but bars from the often-discussed rapper. She's often remembered for her insane level of potential and she shows us exactly why we loved her so hard in 2014 with this one. If Banks can keep these types of releases coming, do you think she can regain trust in the business?"[1]