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Backfromhell coverart.jpg
Azealia Banks
Writer(s) Azealia Banks
Producer(s) Azealia Banks
Boiling Energy
Released September 12, 2019
Recorded 2019
Length 01:53
YUNG RAPUNXEL PT. II track listing

"BACK FROM HELL (TURN IT UP)" is a song performed by Azealia Banks. It serves as the first track on Azealia's mixtape, YUNG RAPUNXEL PT. II.


Saint Keith and Back From Hell were the only two tracks on the mixtape that had their own t-shirts.[1]

Music and composition[]

Azealia explaining the concept of the track on her Instagram:

"0:00 (BACK FROM HELL) Defeated in a multi-dimensionary war with white incubi , the demonic entity re-emerges as a menacing psycho-sadistic vixen After lying dormant for over a decade. The succubus re-emerges."[2]


[Verse 1]
I pack the piece
And blow the smoke in the sky cuz' I’m potent
You bitches broke
Cuz I'm loaded
I'm flyin’, I'm focused
You couldn't find me
Got you making another call
I take that paper
Make it flip like a somersault
They talk about me
Keep my name in their mouth like a grill
You cannot copy me
Cannot stop me
I'm sexy and real
Sayonara, see you later
I'm gone and I'm ghost
Cheers to my hater
See you later
I'm making the toast
They can't recall
Said they’ve seen me
They haven’t, withdraws
I just withdraw all deposits, my check and I ball
That crystal ball, show you frontin' and nothing at all
I’m with my dogs and we're ready
So don't get involved
Coast to coast
I'm the reason for these hoes and their feelings
Hands high
Put your palms all the way to the ceiling
I set the price on anybody
I know what I’m worth
I got the drip, I got the water
The water, the earth
Young A.B, heat up the A.C
Hit that escape key
Still can't escape me